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GBE Packaging is a Division of Gift Basket Expressions - We accept Major Credit Cards and PayPal.
Quality Packaging Supplies Since 1998

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Plastic and Paper Shopping Bags

GBE Packaging® - Providing a Fast Professional Source
for Product Packaging Supplies & Packing Material

GBE Packaging Supplies

Same-Day Shipping.

Low Packaging Prices.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

No Minimums or Service Charges.

No Handling fee's or Extra Charges.

No Hassles or Gimmicks -
                just great prices for packaging.

Since 1998 GBE Packaging® has been a low price leader in the Packaging Industry. Distributors for thousands of quality packaging supplies and industrial packing products all in stock and ready to ship to your location nationwide the same day.

Thank you for visiting our updated product packaging online store. Originally known as Gift Basket Expressions for over a decade we have supplied gift basket stores, eBay® auction sellers, online shoppers and business owners nationwide with quality product packaging and shipping supplies. We stock many popular packaging products including shopping bags, wet & dry product packaging, tear strip barrier food packaging, packing tape, bubble cushioning & other void fills, mesh produce bags, insulated shipping boxes and one of our best sellers our corrugated trash containers.

Our packing tape, plastic bags, and poly sheets are very popular quality products and your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

If you have any comments about our site or would like to provide us feedback, please use our Customer Feedback form to let us know.

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