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Shipping Supplies

Are you a purchaser, owner or have responsibility for purchasing packaging supplies for your company? Having difficulty in finding a reliable supplier that is priced right and easy to do business with? We can help you with that….

When it comes to purchasing shipping supplies, are you 100% satisfied with your current supplier? If not, what’s keeping you from finding a better supplier? Frequently, customers stick with a company they’ve purchased from, even if they’re not completely satisfied with quality or service, only because they think they won’t find anything better. We love to take the frustrated clients that are being burned by late deliveries and bad customer service and make those frustration disappear. We have just upgraded our website to the newest format and the highest security features available today.

Packaging Since 1998

GBE Packaging offers a better way to shop for your shipping supplies. Since 1998 GBE Packaging has been a leader in the upper US and the midwest packaging industry. Through our innovated order and delivery systems upgrades and our “CUSTOMER FIRST” attitude, we are now recognized as a major player in packaging supplies. We are already known as a low price leader on the web and we are fast becoming the leading distributor of wholesale shipping and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America.

Product Packaging Supply Lines

If you need product packaging for your business or products we have 3 product lines to help you find the products you need for your product. It’s hard to find what you need in one place and packaging supplies are the same. You may find you need to buy from multiple suppliers as we all have our own sizes available determined by our manufacturers or mills and some sizes do not sell in a certain area and are dropped because the product will get old and have to be recycled and if that happens enough they will drop a size of box or mailer.

Corrugated Boxes - Labels vs Printing

At GBE Packaging, we have a reputation across the globe as being box specialists and one of the biggest sellers in the shipping supply industry is the corrugated shipping box. They really are the best way to protect a product while shipping and its easy to brand the box with your logo or a printed label on the box to add product information. Stock boxes do the job well and come at a very affordable price point. Choose from a variety of over 1000 sizes to find the perfect box for every need. For specialty items, we are pleased to carry heavy-duty boxes, insulated shippers, cold packs, bulk cargo boxes, master cartons, moving boxes, multi-depth boxes, tall boxes, super shippers, telescoping boxes, and many other types, all designed to make shipping a practical, convenient process. Custom box sizes or printing on a box is very expensive and it has to be done during the box manufacturing process so you will never pay even close to a stock shipping box price. That same 4” x 4” x 4” that costs less than .20 cents each will now be more like 1.20 ea once you print on it and that’s ordering a minimum order quantity of at least 10,000 so if you need to ask how much a custom printed box is you should maybe stick with labels first.

Printing Labels

Lets talk about labels for a moment it’s one of the biggest questions we are asked each day. But if you are starting out or have limited capital then a stock box and fancy label is good advise. Your local printer can help you print some very nice labels on crack and peel paper which is a self adhesive paper that they can use to print your labels and they can cut them down to what ever size you need or produce a die to cut out a shape of label. They can use varnishes and foil to make your labels look great and be water proof or resistant. The labels you have printed can also be used on multiple sizes or boxes, folders, poly bags, barrier bags, poly lined bags, mailers and sample packages.

Size = Cost

If you are looking at cardboard boxes to ship your products then remember to keep the size as small as possible. Shipping carriers are now charging dimensional weight in addition to weight, and zone so gone are the days of using one size cardboard box and stuffing in some inexpensive void fill to protect the contents. You would not only pay for the larger box and void fill but they would charge you more for the larger box too so its best to keep the boxes as small as possible while still making it big enough to add some void fill, bubble, kraft paper, or versa pak cushioning. The boxes will move on conveyer belts at the major shipping carriers and some have 12 inch drops so make sure your boxes can survive a short drop without damage.

Product Protection

GBE Packaging provides the quality you depend on to protect your products during transit. Choosing the right fill materials is essential when it comes to protecting your products. Our primary goal when supplying materials to our customers is to ensure that their products get where they are going without breaking or taking on unnecessary damage in the shipping process. If you use boxes or other mailers on a daily basis, you should make sure you product is insulated with something that can protect it from dirt, dust, scratches and dings. Some clients use spun bond pouches, poly bag sleeves, wrapping paper, indented kraft paper, bogus kraft paper, newsprint, or tissue paper to protect from dirt and scratches. If you want more protection for your product you may want to try conventional bubblewrap, poly foam, versa pak cushioning, or loose fill, packing peanuts.

Additional Protection

When it comes to shipping supplies and product packaging you do not have to settle for anything less than the very best, and if you thought quality had to come at a high cost, you will be pleased to find out that it can happen without compromising your budget. We have several alternatives to save you time and money like padded mailers and envelopes, bubble pouches, foam pouches. We have cohesive bubble that will stick to itself but not the product or a adhesive bubble that will lightly stick to the product and itself. You want to be sure you cover your product with enough bubble to protect it if you use the thinnest bubble and only wrap it around your product once it may not be enough to protect your product in a impact. Thinks of cushioning as insurance.

More About Bubble

Bubble is available in full size rolls and if you are a large shipping operation you may need the larger rolls but they come at a cost. If you do not have a local source for the bubble you will find the full size rolls of bubble only ship freight and not ground service. At GBE Packaging we have local delivery available within 100 miles of our warehouses so you can order several full size rolls and only pay for the shipping. We also like most shipping suppliers now offer UPS-able bubble rolls that ship ground service like UPS or Fed Ex since they are only half the size of the full rolls. Shipping is far less on these and they are very popular.

Packing Peanuts

Large and small shipping operations use loose fill, also known as packing peanuts and they are very popular as they fill in any void and absorb stress and impacts and the bubble has a good memory and will return back to its shape once compacted. With bubble if it is compacted the bubbles can pop and bubble can lose the built in protection cushion. They also are expensive to ship most large bags are 12 to 14 cubic feet and they must ship freight. The shippers well they really do not want to ship them while they may by lightweight and you can balance a bag on your nose for fun the shippers know a bag of packing peanuts takes up the space of a 1000 lb machine but they cant charge that much so they have done their best to thin the herd by charging 0 to ship one bag.

Packaging Since 1998

The shippers have placed limits on how many bags of loose fill or bubble we can ship to a customer as 15 to 20 bags or rolls will fill a semi trailer. So now they have a certain cut off which changes with how busy they are for that day. We have loose fill dispensers that hang from the ceiling and can dispense loose fill into boxes or bags quite easily. It does pay to be down the street from a shipping supplier.

Thank You

To our staff at GBE, quality matters most a theme that is evidenced in the products we carry. However, we understand that your willingness to stay with a shipping supplies warehouse is also predicated upon your ability to find the products you need when you need them. We stock loose fill, bubble, and foam products, chipboard carton pads, Kraft paper, shipping room supplies, and many additional items that you will find to make it easier to meet the needs of your customers.

Our customers tell us that cardboard boxes are the lifeblood of their shipping process. That’s why we feel it necessary to stock more than a thousand sizes and configurations of cardboard boxes. If you’re not shopping on a website that gives you access to this kind of diversity, we’d like to show you why we are one of the biggest names online when it comes to stocking up on boxes.

Our secure payment process through credit card or PayPal means your identity and payment information is safe. Save your order information online to place subsequent "Quick Orders" in the future, and you will save time when you need to restock. Our sales agents are always just a click away if you need help placing an order. If you have questions about a particular product that you think might meet your needs, then please email or call us. We will be happy to make the ordering process as easy as possible for you when you reach out to us through our website or phone. It is important to us that we meet all your packaging supply needs.

Article Posted: 07/26/2019 03:15:39 PM

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