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Wholesale Packaging Supplies

Save money on wholesale packaging supplies by shopping online at GBE Packaging. We carry quality shipping supplies you may not be able to find at another website, due to lower standards and ethics that can vary from site to site. At GBE, we believe in meeting the needs of our customers with boxes and mailing supplies that our manufacturers hold to a higher standard. Don’t merely take our word for it; browse our inventory to see why our name is synonymous with quality.

If you’re shipping products to customers, you know that choosing the right size and type of box is essential in protecting your products and keeping costs down. It surprises a lot of our customers to learn that we carry over 1,000 sizes of stock cardboard shipping boxes. With so many sizes and configurations to choose from, it’s a sure bet we have what you need.

Compare the costs of restocking your supplies over our website with where you’re currently shopping and see the difference saving on every item can make over time. We can often save customers a nickel or dime on every shipping box they purchase through us; over time, the savings can add up! Shopping from a supplier that offers wholesale packaging supplies is a smart business move to make- and one that can significantly impact your bottom line.

Our customers have told us during numerous conversations that the right cardboard box sizes and strengths can make a big difference in whether their products arrive in the ideal condition. We’ve spent our years in the packaging supply business listening to your stories and responding in ways that have earned us the trust of our loyal shoppers. There’s no need to sacrifice on quality just to save a few pennies. You can have both when you shop at GBE.

Finding the right size and type of box is not the only critical step in making sure your items get where they’re going in expected condition. GBE is proud to stock additional wholesale packaging supplies, like bubble and foam products and loose fill. Our 100% biodegradable Renature material is one that is well-received by our customers. Your customers will appreciate Renature as well, and will most likely reuse the fill when they have a package to ship out. Choose from 7, 14, or 20 cubic foot bag.

Enjoy the free resources on our website, such as packing and moving tips and additional information articles, our FAQ section with answers to our most commonly asked questions, and our favored Quick Order tools. If you’d like to speak with one of our agents, just click the ‘Leave a Message’ tab located on every website page toward the bottom; we’ll get in touch promptly to address your issue.

Don’t pay retail prices for shipping products when you can find wholesale packaging supplies on GBE Packaging. Save on every order through our website and at the end of the year; you’ll notice a big difference in your overall costs.

Article Posted: 07/26/2019 03:23:00 PM

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