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Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Corrugated shipping boxes are one of the most popular packaging containers for many reasons which we will cover in this article on wholesale shipping boxes. When you use many boxes you of course want to order wholesale or any thing that can save you money. What are wholesale shipping boxes? Easy answer: order enough and the price will drop but as you order more the product price may drop but the shipping cost to get them to you increases. We will discuss that too in detail later in this article. We hope to pass on some tip's to you about purchasing wholesale shipping boxes that will help you save time and money.

Wholesale Shipping Boxes

There are various styles of corrugated shipping boxes available for your products one of the most popular boxes some people use are the (RSC) Regular Slotted Containers which are the standard shipping boxes you see all over and they can be customized with full overlap flaps or variable flaps, with covers. RSC containers can be made in kraft or white or other custom colors. Custom size or printing on boxes has to be done during the manufacturing process as you cant print on a box once it is die-cut, stamped, bundled and shipped. Branding your wholesale shipping boxes are covered in our other article Printed Boxes are they worth the cost. Another common box is a chipboard box also known as a reverse tuck container and they are lightweight boxes that are approx .22 to .30 thousands per inch or about 1/16 of an inch. Reverse tuck boxes are available in kraft or white and can be customized with custom printing or labels to brand your product. Small gift boxes are chipboard boxes with a finished white cover applied to the box to make it look festive and unique.

Ordering Wholesale Shipping Boxes

When you go to order wholesale shipping boxes you find yourself having to strike a happy medium between what you can afford to order, ship and inventory. Price is first, most manufacturers and distributors will have pricing set up for the average business as most will order a common amount like a case or a bundle of boxes as they need them and for that standard shipping would apply. They are careful to shrink wrap each order for protection from shipping mishaps. Free shipping is good if you are ordering a cel phone or tooth brush but if you are ordering packaging supplies we are all adults and know how the shippers work. Packaging supply orders are big and bulky, they have more freight classes to deal with than average cases and envelopes like bundles. Consider that when you take 25 boxes that are 14" x 14" x 10" and stack them flat you have a bundle that is 28" x 24" x 8" High. That is a bundle and its odd shaped, heavy and awkward to handle and the shippers do not like them at all. As you purchase more wholesale shipping boxes the cost of shipping them will increase unless you have your own trucks available. For larger orders shipping via freight companies they will palletize the order for the shipper and shrink wrap the pallets. They will also spray paint a line over each pallet so you know if it has been unwrapped and re-wrapped by the shipper in transport. This is a simple way to check and see if the pallet has been tampered with when items are missing in transit. If you want to check and see if we can get you wholesale pricing please send GBE Packaging Supplies a quote request and let them know The following or what you need?

  • The SKU# or descriptions of products you are interested in.
  • Where do you want it shipped to?
  • Is that address Residential or Commercial?
  • If Commercial do they have a loading dock?
GBE Packaging Sales Department will get right back to you as soon as they can with a written quote.

Shipping Your Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Best advice is to have your own trucks, it makes everything easier and it allows you to control the shipping costs when you are purchasing wholesale shipping boxes. If you do not have your own trucks try to work out a deal with a 3rd party shipper if you can to get discounted pricing. Many times they can use your shipments as filler work for the slow times when their trucks would be parked or waiting for loads. Many shippers are looking for loads so if you are flexible on deliveries they may be flexible with the shipping rates. When you are new, a start up or you just do not have any shipping resources you may be forced to rely on standard shippers or ground service. Ground service such as UPS or Fed EX will deliver your boxes to your address and if you are a business they will many times deliver inside if you are open for business. Otherwise you might find they will leave it on a convenient spot near your door or on the porch. If it is to a residential address they may just drop and run. Also keep in mind they charge more to deliver to a residential address than to a commercial address. If you have your order shipped to a commercial address it will be cheaper than your home so keep that in mind when shopping.

Free Shipping for Your Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Fake News - There is no “free shipping", not even the CEO of UPS should be getting free shipping, what would the stockholders say? I am pretty sure the shipping companies charge someone for every shipment and by law they need to do just that. So if you are getting offered free shipping for packaging supplies. Danger Will Robinson! I would look closely at the price or the quality of the packaging you are purchasing. I will bet they are cutting some corners somewhere as the shippers charge 5 times our profit margin so shipping is many times as much as the product costs so how could anyone offer free shipping unless they were paying nothing for the product. If they are offering free shipping it is being paid for by the seller and common sense says it has to be coming from somewhere. It is usually written into the price of the product somewhere, you can be sure of that. When you consider that the shippers are now charging more for dimensional weight on each shipment how could you offer free shipping? If you are getting free shipping we suspect that it is low quality product from another country as there is not much markup on a wholesale shipping box. Shipping is the biggest issue when buying a large amount of wholesale shipping boxes unless you have your own trucks. In 2017, shippers started charging dimensional weight so they found a way to add a new level of charges to every shipment. In the past, they would charge for weight and destination but now they have added to the weight the size of your shipment and call it dimensional weight. They take the size and add a few pounds per size. The bundle of boxes are now charged as 10 lbs and not 9 lbs all behind the scenes so you don't know.

Wholesale Shipping Boxes

What size you order is important also. With dimensional shipping that means they are charging everyone now for size so only order boxes that are the size you need. If you need to insulate the product make sure to include room for loose fill or a bubble bag or pouch to protect your product from scratches or impact damage. Smaller boxes means less void fill. One gift basket company had an issue where they had a gift basket that cost 14 dollars to ship and the shipping cost increased to 19 dollars overnight due to dimensional weight so we suggested they offer something in the basket that was smaller in size but a higher value to the customer and then they could down size the basket and shipping container back to around 14 dollars shipping cost. Multi-depth boxes allow you to adjust the box height when sealing it so it can be used for several product heights very popular for Gift Baskets. If you really use a lot of boxes and want the best price day after day you need to team up with a packaging partner that understands business and will give you a large selection of box sizes at the lowest prices available. GBE Packaging is just that kind of distributor to help you get the wholesale shipping boxes you need at the right price. They have shippers set up to get you the lowest price available on large and small orders.

Wholesale Shipping Box Specifications

Standard boxes are all 200 lb. Test - 32 lb. ECT. (Edge Crush Test) and you should not consider purchasing anything less than that. That is the industry standard for a shipping box and it will be printed on the bottom flap of any box showing the carton specifications.

  • 200 LB. TEST - 32 lb. ECT. (Edge Crush Test) - For everyday shipping purposes.
  • 275 LB. TEST SINGLE WALL - 44 lb. ECT. (Edge Crush Test) 38% stronger than 200 lb. test boxes.
  • 275 LB. TEST DOUBLE WALL - 48 lb. ECT. (Edge Crush Test) When extra stacking strength is necessary.
  • TRIPLE WALL - When even more strength is necessary.

Styles of Wholesale Shipping Boxes are:

  • Half-Slotted Consist of basically one piece with a glued, stitched or taped manufacturers joint and top and bottom flaps.
  • Stock Boxes Over 1000 sizes of corrugated shipping boxes so you can find the right box.
  • New Corrugated Boxes New Sizes we have added to our inventory of Shipping boxes.
  • Air Freight Cargo Containers Master Cartons for packing smaller shipping boxes into larger boxes.
  • Bulk Cargo Containers Protect and conceal your large shipments with bulk cargo containers.
  • Cube Boxes The square shaped shipping boxes are popular with many vendors.
  • File Storage Boxes Everyone needs file storage boxes at home or the office.
  • Flat Boxes It's amazing how many products fit perfect in a flat box. One of our biggest Sellers.
  • Heavy Duty Boxes Cardboard Boxes made to carry heavy weighted items and not split the seams or break open.
  • Reusable Insulated Shipping Boxes Economical, Insulated Shippers are Strong, light-weight, reusable and recyclable!
  • Long Boxes Boxes, We sorted out the long boxes for long narrow items or parts.
  • Master Cartons Packs for our most popular small cube cartons for freight consolidation.
  • Moving Boxes Corrugated boxes sized just right for moving your belongings and valuables.
  • Multi-Depth Boxes Corrugated boxes scored at multiple depths to allow easy height adjustment for a perfect fit.
  • Printers Boxes Corrugated boxes sized just right for lithographers or print shops who print offset on sheet stock.
  • Side Loading Boxes Corrugated boxes have end opening for easy insertion of frames and other flat products.
  • Super Shipper Boxes Combine many different size boxes in these Oversized, Multi-Depth, Heavy Duty Shipping Cartons.
  • Tall Boxes Tall corrugated boxes open and load on their ends, perfect for long items or products.
  • Telescoping Boxes Adjustable 2-piece set fits long - odd shaped items from 48" to 90" in length.
  • White Boxes White boxes have the same quality as the standard brown boxes, but with a more sophisticated look.
  • Pallet Cones Used when stacking boxes on pallets. Prevent Double-Stacking of your Freight Orders.
  • Layer Pads and Cover Sheets Corrugated Sheets for separating pallet layers and pallet cover sheets.

More about Wholesale Shipping Boxes

They are the ultimate recyclable container being made from paper pulp even a virgin box with no recycled material will break down just fine in a landfill. Time is money so it's common now to use product packaging that is fast and simple such as bubble pouches or bubble bags. if your product is sealed in a poly bag or barrier pouch then all you need is void fill and a container. Some times void fill will not be needed such as powdered product or hard carmal or syrup in a barrier bag. In that case you just need to decide on the look and size of the box. Brand it with a custom label and distribute in master cartons for your distributors. you do not need to spend a fortune to package your product. Some companies spend way too much when starting out or once they are successful they will reach a point when they want to brand everything regardless of the cost and then you will want to use custom plastic or poly shells that are made to protect and seal the product in one good looking package but until then we recommend corrugated boxes which is good for the environment. Please remember the end user who has to pay for the packaging in addition to the needed product. Also after the packaging does its intended job, gets the product to the end user, safely but now it will simply go in the trash so always remember where it will ultimately end up. If the product costs too much and adds to the price of the product then the product may not sell and sit on the shelf. Sort of a catch 22 but like any business decision spending too much on wholesale shipping boxes comes with consequences.

Objectives of The Wholesale Shipping Box

The ultimate goal is to achieve a commercial link between the product and the consumer, beneficial for both, and not to spend too much or have a large carbon footprint. Having a material that is biodegradable is a plus because ultimately it will end up in the trash or recycle bin. That is why the packaging system must facilitate the collection and classification of the goods, protecting them from physical and environmental risks during their shipping. Also, in favor of the brand, the packaging must be attractive and motivate the customer to continue to be tied to the brand.

Article Posted: 07/26/2019 03:25:16 PM

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