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Wholesale Shipping Supplies

Managing shipping supplies and costs is an integral part of running a successful business. Finding quality products to aid in the logistics process of your company is imperative to scaling your business and ensuring quality control. GBE Packaging is a wholesale shipping supplies company who understands the importance more than most. They know that companies are always looking for ways to stand out from their competition, and they provide quality corrugated shipping boxes and other supplies to help with this effort. Here are some great reasons why your company should consider switching to corrugated shipping boxes. Wholesale Packaging Supplies today is just a popular keyword that Google charges for, if you play the pay-per-click game. It is one of the most expensive clicks to bid on. Many are surprised that companies are bidding on the keywords and paying google and other advertisers for those clicks and wholesale packaging supplies is often around 15 to 18 dollars per click. So they pay Google 18 dollars every time someone clicks on their sponsored link on page one of Google for wholesale packaging supplies. You may not find the lowest price with them because they have to pay Google so that added cost is often passed on to the customer. What is wholesale packaging supplies? We will explore it further below.


Wholesale is not what it used to be. Wholesale is mostly just a key word, but can also be a low price for large quantities of product when compared to others that will pay google or some other company for ads. If you buy more packaging product we can certainly get you lower pricing. We can quote you any amount of packaging and in most cases as you buy more we can get you a lower price. Many times we can also give you a lower price on product and shipping if we direct ship your product to you, so that is why we do quotes on larger orders. Our website does offer discounts on some product for multiple tier pricing and we have some of the lowest pricing. GBE just did some price checks and found some internet vendors selling the same product for 30 to 40 percent more. The real challenge is shipping. Small orders are easy enough there is UPS Ground and Fed Ex Ground Service, as well as local delivery if you are within 100 miles of GBE’s warehouses. They also have various freight companies that are set up with their services and you can easily place an order online and have it delivered quickly. GBE has customer pick up if you have trucks and that is the best and cheapest option for any company or organization. Wholesale savings are out there, but do you have room to inventory several truckloads of packaging?

Shipping Wholesale

There is no real “free” shipping, not even the CEO of UPS should be getting free shipping, what would the stockholders say? If they are offering free shipping it is being paid for by the seller and common sense says it has to be coming from somewhere. It is usually written into the price of the product somewhere, you can be sure of that. Also, dimensional weight is in play when shipping, which has increased the cost and made it more expensive too. If you are buying low price packaging and getting free shipping we suspect that it is low quality product from another country as there is not much markup on a corrugated box or envelope. Shipping is the biggest issue when buying a large amount of wholesale packaging supplies unless you have your own trucks. It is hard to find a shipper to give you good rates. They tend to just charge more as you ship more. In 2017, shippers started charging dimensional weight so they found a way to add a new level of charges to every shipment. In the past, they would charge for weight and destination but now they have added to the weight the size of your shipment and call it dimensional weight. Some items are limited by shippers due to the size like packing peanuts also known as loose fill. These bags are light in weight but they are 12 cubic feet of product so 30 bags can easily fill a semi-trailer. One bag of loose fill takes the space of a 1000 pound machine so loose fill is an example of what they do not want to ship.

Higher Quality

When a company chooses the type of shipping supplies they need, there are many different options available. Price is the first and most important with most companies. You want a quality product that is made in the USA but also something lightweight as the shippers now charge more for shipments. As mentioned before, the larger the amount of product you buy will directly influence what you pay so it is often good to strike a happy medium with the available inventory space. Most companies will place monthly or weekly orders of what they use and that amount can be increased regularly or decreased on a slow week. A good wholesale shipping supplier can make your operation run more efficiently and best of all save money year round. If you save two cents or five cents per box and you buy thousands of boxes each month then the savings will add up fast. Some companies will sell corrugated boxes that are overly packed with recycled material or the product is just low quality with a high PH-level in the paper, which is not good for your products or long term storage. A high PH can cause printed ink on your labels to break down and lose color in long term storage. Not something you really need in the packaging industry. Always consider high quality packaging such as what is available from GBE Packaging Supplies, a division of Gift Basket Expressions in Milwaukee. They are well known as a low price leader on the web in wholesale shipping supplies.

Environmentally Friendly

In today's global environmental crisis, many business owners are looking for ways to give back to the planet and lower their environmental footprints. Switching to more eco-friendly packaging solutions is a great way to meet this goal. Corrugated cardboard packaging breaks down much easier than plastic or Styrofoam products. Paper and cardboard products have much cleaner recycling methods and are an excellent choice for the environment. Some companies sell recycled boxes that are acceptable and meet all the industry standards but they may look less than perfect often times they will look like a recycled box with large fibers and chunks of paperboard visible in the box material. Some mills will mix the paper pulp differently and have a better look more like a virgin box made from 100% new paper pulp material. We recommend virgin boxes as its corrugated paper board and it is going to break down in a landfill easily. Recycled boxes are a great way to use all the material we have that has been recycled and we would recommend a recycled mix for non-food boxes, paper towel container boxes and so on. For your product you may want a new virgin box or the recycled look may be more to your liking. One last thought, it seems many times you pay just as much or more for a recycled box than a new box made with virgin corrugated paperboard so are you paying more to save the planet or are you paying more to add to someone’s bottom line? You will need to decide that for yourself. It is your look or brand so feel free to experiment and see what works best for you. You will get this same advice from all packaging companies. We are still looking for anything that works especially for our customers.

Better Value

The great thing about wholesale packaging supplies is that they have so many uses other than shipping solutions. Because of their durability, corrugated shipping boxes can be used and reused for several different purposes like moving boxes and storage containers. These boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, making them stackable and much easier to store than other types of packaging. We talk to customers all the time that have corrugated boxes in their storerooms or basements from 15 years ago when they moved into their new homes. We recommend that you think ahead and purchase stock moving boxes the size that can be reused later on shelves in the basement, garage, carport or any storage solution. You can reuse your bubble and paper wrap for some long term storage items as well. If you are storing in an environmentally controlled area like a company storeroom then standard packaging can last decades. Banks never have enough boxes and some have moved to stock corrugated boxes instead of the more expensive file storage boxes. They now use their own labels to save on printing costs, which can be an added expense.

Great For Branding

When you are thinking of good ways to promote your brand, quality shipping boxes are a great way to showcase your company’s strive for excellence. A wholesale packaging supplies company can assist you with your purchase. Since corrugated shipping boxes are incredibly durable, this ensures your customer's products are arriving safely at their door without any damage claims. The quality packaging can be enhanced with custom labels, which also gives more credibility to your company. Customers know the difference between a company who cares about their products and those who are just looking for the cheapest shipping options. Corrugated boxes can be customized with company logos and digital printing, giving a great first impression to your customer but that level of branding can come with a steep price tag be sure to see our article on Printed boxes are they worth the cost? We recommend labels at first, they can be made at any local printer and can be used for more than boxes, folders, envelopes, displays, and other sales aids.

If you are responsible for purchasing or for production, you do not want any slowdowns in the supply chain. When it comes to sourcing your company's wholesale shipping supplies, you can certainly choose from a lot of options. GBE Packaging has been in business since 1998, and they understand what it takes to provide quality shipping supplies at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for stock corrugated shipping boxes or business mailing envelopes, they can be your one-stop solution for all your business needs. If you need stock product packaging at wholesale prices please be sure to check them out - Email or give them a call today at 877-221-5199 and let them help you scale your business.

Article Posted: 07/26/2019 03:29:02 PM

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