Barrier Bags

Barrier Bags - Often used in retail outlets, food stores, popular tourist hot spots, and now common in meat packaging like turkey, pork, mutton, lamb, and ham. They are also used to store different types of cheeses.

All of our Barrier Bags and Vacuum Barrier Pouches are heat seal-able and meet FDA and USDA specification for food contact. Barrier Bags also enhance the appearance of the product and keep it fresh.

Heavy duty quality barrier bags and pouches also known as metallized bags, foil bags, and sometimes Mylar bags (By Dupont Corp.), provide moisture, corrosion and shielding protection for sensitive components or to preserve and protect products.

They feature a low oxygen transmittal rate, and low moisture vapor transmission rate, along with a high tensile strength, or puncture resistance. Barrier bags and pouches offer protection against light, oxygen, dirt, dust and moisture, corrosive damage caused by humidity, or moisture, oxygen, salt spray, unknown aromas, grease and other airborne contaminants. Barrier bags feature an impressive inner sealing layer designed to seal directly through oils and powders and seal in any gasses. When barrier packaging is paired with an oxygen absorber or desiccant, products enjoy even greater shelf-life and stability. Very popular in industries that require such packaging such as food and drug companies, pharmaceutical companies, also biomedical and electronic producers, vitamin manufacturers, and sensitive specialty products. These bags are often used for products that include in-process ingredients, pharmaceutical products, dehydrated/freeze dried food products, fish products and fish oil, and many other items which may be sensitive to moisture, or subject to oxidation.

If you are bagging beef jerky, fresh meat, dried meat, deer meat, bear, bison, or dried fish well then barrier bags are probably the best option in the retail environment. Pouches are also used for coffee, tea, granola, nuts, spices, bath salts and more. With an oxygen barrier, these bags keep the air outside and the food gasses inside so that your food stays fresh for a longer storage cycle. Barrier bags are suggested for perishable food products. Barrier bags and barrier pouches are durable and strong and they enhance the appearance and flavor of the product. We also have barrier bags for cannabis flowers, concentrate, CBD oil or edibles. Our high-quality barrier bags are made from the best mylar on the market at 5 mil thickness and available in several styles and sizes. Store up to a 1 pound of marijuana flowers or edibles in these stylish heat-sealed mylar barrier bags. Our child resistant bags are perfect for shipping or mailing pharmaceuticals, vitamins, diet supplements, or dangerous materials that need to be shipped securely. These high quality certified child resistant packaging was designed for Cannabis, Cannabis Oil, CBD Oil, or edible products. They are child resistant packaging that is certified in accordance with ASTM D3475 standards and labeled with instructions for adult use. These barrier bags are the perfect base to brand your flower, edibles or concentrates and the resealable closure protects the potency of the product, seals in freshness, and prevents the possibility of leakage.

  • Tamper Evident when Heat Sealed.
  • Excellent Moisture Control.
  • Same Day.Shipping.
  • Made in the USA.

Barrier Bags

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