Chemotherapy Waste Liners

Chemotherapy Waste Low Density Gusseted Liners Designed for the safe collection and containment of trace chemotherapy waste. Bags are strong, durable, 4 mil thickness and offer superb puncture resistance.

At its simplest definition, chemotherapy drugs are listed as hazardous waste. Chemotherapy drugs must be segregated, managed, and transported as hazardous waste rather than just medical waste.

  • Chemotherapy waste bags are an economical means to dispose of your soft goods associated with the chemotherapy process. These can be unused medications, vials, tubing and syringes, as well as materials used to clean up spills and gloves, gowns and masks used by healthcare professionals.

High quality liners for the safe disposal of waste materials in hospital facilities, private clinics, medical offices and long term care facilities. Extra-thick bright yellow polyethylene bags provide extra protection for the safe disposal of chemotherapy waste including gloves, gowns, head covers, shoe covers, masks, empty IV bags and tubes, bottles, low-lint towels and any contaminated personal protective equipment.

Chemo waste includes materials contaminated with or used during the preparation and administration of chemotherapy. Uncontaminated chemotherapy waste items can be treated as regulated medical waste, and belong in their own waste category. Meets OSHA and Oncology Nursing Society guidelines. Clearly labeled with chemotherapy warnings easily identify contents as chemotherapy waste.

Chemotherapy Waste Liners

Chemotherapy Waste Liners

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