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Chipboard Sheets

Chipboard Sheets are used to strengthen envelopes and other mailers for increased protection between items, or to reinforce boxes.

  • Chipboard Sheets are great for reinforcing envelopes or making partitions for boxes.

Chipboard sheet is a type of paperboard. It is a low quality control item that was created to use as a pallet sheet or cover but have now become popular for scrapbooking and toy making. Used quite often as template material as its easy to cut or trace on. It comes in two thicknesses .22 or about 2/32 of an inch and .30 or 3/32 of an inch. Itís formed using recycled paper that is then pressed and glued together to make a solid structure. It is a sturdy kraft fiberboard construction for durability. Pad is perfect to use as top layer for cartons or pallets to avoid damage from box cutters and knives. Some auto cutters on the market use chipboard and its common use is to stiffen and protect photos in the mail.

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Chipboard Sheets

Chipboard Sheets

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