Contaminated Linen Bags

Medical leak proof liners with Biohazard Symbols and Contaminated Linen printed in large letters on bold colors and printed warnings identify hazardous or contaminated contents. Strong leak-proof seams means bags are well sealed, leak proof, tear resistant and are constructed from low density polyethylene.

Throughout the healthcare industry, soiled linen is one of the principle vehicles for harmful bacteria or viruses. For those working in care homes and healthcare facilities, that means coming into contact with potentially dangerous contaminated items, such as bed sheets, towels and clothing, every day. All soiled or contaminated linen should be bagged at the location where it was used, and the collection bag must be of sufficient quality to contain wet soiled linens and prevent leakage during handling and transportation. OSHA mandates that linens must be placed and transported in labeled or color-coded bags or containers.

Our biohazard liners have Contaminated Linen message printed clearly on the bags in both english and spanish. All are free of heavy metals and safe for landfills or incineration according to CONEG (Coalition of Northeastern Governors) legislation regarding the use of heavy metals in packaging.

  • Bold colors and printed warnings identify hazardous or contaminated contents. Designed for hospitals, clinics, or laboratories these contaminated linen bags can also be used for offices and industrial environments. You can also order them for your home. Caring for a medical patient at home is common today and you want to be safe with your waste or garbage. These are high quality liners that are well sealed, leak proof, tear resistant and are constructed from low density polyethylene.

These red or yellow contaminated linen disposal bags with a large Bio Hazard symbol printed on each bag in english and spanish can be used for the safe disposal of used contaminated linen, biohazard contaminated linen and pillow covers, gowns, robes and contaminated material such as gloves, bandages, aprons, face masks, eye protection.

High quality contaminated disposable liners for the safe transportation or disposal of linen materials in hospital facilities, private clinics and long term care facilities. Compatible with corona virus waste (Covid-19) Contaminated Linen Liners.

Hospitals, labs and clinics use these bags to contain bio hazardous products on linen, pillow cover, gowns, robes or other items, and having it marked correctly eliminates the chance of contamination. These contaminated linen bags are used for human and animal blood, tissues, and waste with body fluids, recombinant DNA, and human, animal or plant pathogens. Biohazardous waste is any waste contaminated with potentially infectious materials.

Contaminated Linen Bags

Contaminated Linen Bags

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