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Document & Media Protectors

GBE Packaging stocks a large selection of document and media protectors, which can be used for policy protection, page protection, 3 ring binder sheet protectors, and ad envelopes.

  • Sheet protection, job tickets, vinyl badge holders, we have several styles of multiple pocket document protectors all made with clear vinyl to make them sharp and professional.

Whether you need clear sheet protectors or sheet protection for 3 ring binders, we have it.

3 Ring Clear Vinyl Sheet Protectors or Plain Sheet Protectors - No need to punch sheets of paper that will most likely rip anyways. Ideal for certificates, sales presentations, photos, or reports. All edges and holes are reinforced. Won't rip out like punched paper sheets. Just insert any 8-1/2" x 11" or smaller sheets to create neatly organized reports.

Sewn Vinyl Job Ticket Holders with Pockets - Vinyl job ticket holder with front pocket and black stitched edges is made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl that stands up to repeated use in a variety of work applications. Keeps documents together and neatly organized. These vinyl envelopes can be used as job tickets or project jackets. These are designed for a long life cycle.

Our Laminator with 4 Rollers (12" Lamination Width) is an easy-to-use laminator that warms up quickly and small enough to store in a drawer or shelf and the lamination pouches offer quick and inexpensive protection against dirt, water, and dust for id cards or important documents.

Magnetic Vinyl Envelopes are removable envelopes will not damage surfaces. Clear vinyl envelopes have an opening on the short side and durable side seams. Magnetic strips adhere securely to most metal surfaces.

types of CD / DVD Case, CD / DVD Sleeves with Flap, Media Mailers, Vinyl CD / DVD Binder Sheet - 7 Gauge, Vinyl CD / DVD Holder - 7 Gauge, White Corrugated Audio / Video Boxes and White Corrugated CD / DVD Box. CD / Multi-Media Cases & Sleeves - We have several types of CD / DVD Cases, CD / DVD Sleeves with Flap, Media Mailers, Vinyl CD / DVD Binder Sheet - 7 Gauge, Vinyl CD / DVD Holder - 7 Gauge, White Corrugated Audio / Video Boxes and White Corrugated CD / DVD Box. CD / DVD Case protects contents and makes identification easy.

Multiple Pocket Document Holders - Are used to protect documents, passport books, policy's, warranty paperwork, insurance paperwork, presentations, or many more examples. All styles have large, top-loading main pocket for full-size papers, plus smaller outer pocket(s) to store inventory tickets, file cards, and more. These too can be used as job tickets or project folders or to store inventory tickets, sku tags, or office spreadsheets.

Routing Envelopes - Are perfect for interoffice communications or internal mailrooms, college services, and university mail rooms. Polyethylene Routing Envelopes with Slit Opening are reusable top-loading envelopes with convenient hang hole and are ideal for color coded job tickets and protecting work orders. The vinyl envelope with hook & loop closure and hang hole protects reports, work orders, instructions, and other important documents from dust, dirt, wrinkling and tearing. Short-Side Opening String Closure Polypropylene Envelopes are great to use to create stylish presentations.

Single Pocket Document Holders - Also great for policy's or documents, all kinds of warranty paperwork. Some of the document protectors are color coded and perfect for job tickets or project jackets. They can be used to hold inventory tags, or sales pricing tags, that can be attached to say rolls of carpet for example. Some of the document protectors are often used as brochure jackets or other printed matter it allows you to put your business card in the provided slot on the front of the document protector. Some are press on self adhesive style and vinyl zipper bag document protectors.

Vinyl Ad Envelopes - Organize and display ad's or price tags, keep important documents safe and organized with these quality made clear vinyl envelopes. Crystal clear heavyweight vinyl offers protection against tearing, water damage, dust, and more and allows you to view the contents with a glance. Two products that are very popular are the Non-Glare Vinyl Tag Holders with Colored Flap and Non-Glare Vinyl Tag Holders with Flap. Non-Glare Vinyl Tag Holders with Colored Flap have protect tags, special instructions, and maintenance records against the elements. Special weather flap covers insertion slot to keep contents clean, dry, and readable.

Vinyl Badge Holder & Retractable Badge Reel - This is a popular addition to any HR program in the workplace you can issue or have your employees wear id cards for safety and security and we have a retractable badge reel that allows you to pull the card out to present or scan and it will retract when finished. Vinyl badge holders are heavy duty and clear with a die cut reinforced hang hole for a badge holder.

Vinyl Press-on Binder Label with White Insert Card - Self adhesive tags will attach to binders or folders and allows easy identification. Vinyl Press-On Zipper Envelopes - Press these on shipments with important documents or BOL's, packing slips, instructions, work orders, and maintenance schedules while protecting from dirt and moisture. Can be used for certification tags or anywhere you want a temp sign.

Vinyl Slider Zipper Pouches - They are clear vinyl pouches so you can see what's in them, and they have an easy slide zipper for easy opening and closing. Great for storing pens, pencils, blades, ink tips, or small papers.

At GBE Packaging we want to help you package your products and save money too. Call us if you want to try out a product we can send you a sample to inspect if time permits. We would be happy to make suggestions for you when it comes to document protection. Just call or email us!

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Document & Media Protectors

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