There are lots of choices when it comes to shipping and mailing envelopes. There are lots of choices when it comes to shipping and mailing envelopes. GBE Packaging stocks shipping envelopes and mailers in multiple sizes and variety of protection features you need for your important shipments.
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Envelopes & Mailers

GBE Packaging stocks shipping envelopes and mailers in multiple sizes and variety of protection features you need for your important shipments. We have some of the most popular envelopes and mailers for you to choose from. Please allow us to make some suggestions if you need envelopes or mailers.

  • We have Postal Approved Self-Sealing Envelopes and Postal Approved Mailing Bags that meet USPS mailing specifications, are automation compatible, and have peel-and-seal flaps.
  • Envelopes are used to help keep organized or to hold items to mail. We have a large selection of Tear-Resistant Envelopes, Puncture-resistant material can be used for packaging and shipping items such as fabric, wallpaper, or long parts.

If your business ships products to consumers, or B2B then you know that the success of your business depends on your products arriving intact. Choosing the right packaging for the job could be the difference between customers making return orders or just making returns. We offer the best quality plastic mailers, paperboard mailers, bubble mailers, mailing tubes, Tyvek Mailers and more! There are lots of choices when it comes to shipping and mailing envelopes. Spun-bond material is virtually indestructible. Won’t rip, puncture, or burst. Resists water and chemicals. Padded envelopes and mailers can minimize freight cost and protect your products by reducing damage en route also reducing your return rate for damaged orders. They also allow overstuffing and accommodate larger, more flexible items, such as those promotional hats and T-shirts you need to ship out today. Our selection of envelopes and mailers allows you to send business documents, certificates, warranties, and more reliably. Whether you are shipping paper work, printed matter, apparel, books, confidential documents, perishables or fragile products, we've got you covered. These mailing envelopes are designed to remain sealed until they get to their intended location even if you are shipping bulky craft items. Among this selection, you'll find strong, moisture resistant, protective mailers and more sturdy mailing options for every use. Some mailers and envelopes are available with clear windows to display the recipient's address, so you can avoid writing addresses or printing labels if you are mailing invoices. Some of our mailing envelopes are self-sealing.

Whether you're promoting a new business, sending samples, or reaching out to your long-standing clients or contacts, maintaining a professional appearance is always a good choice. Ensure each mailer looks neat and is securely sealed by using peel-and-stick envelopes that are pre-printed with address areas. Some companies will tape the mailer for safety. You can stick on shipping labels with your and your recipients addresses, or hand write them for a more personal touch. Our stayflat or paperboard mailers can protect photo's while mailing or help prevent CD's, DVD's photos and letters from getting bent or damaged in transit and guard against water damage if your shipment is exposed to rain or snow. We have a complete assortment of mailing tubes and long and narrow gusseted mailing bag in kraft brown (2 ply) is an inexpensive alternative to mailing tubes. These two-ply, 70-lb. kraft paper bags have gussets and sewn bottoms for added strength. The bags are accepted by UPS. They are lightweight and use less storage space than tubes. Many of our mailers are tamper evident, waterproof, tear resistant and self sealing to make use easy and fast. Our anti static mailers are perfect for computers and computer parts, video cards, memory chips, memory ram, and repair or replacement components for various equipment. Since they are insulated and fitted with two layers of soft polyurethane foam to protect against static and shock damage they are perfect for light bulbs and sensitive components. Anti-Static Protective Box provides complete Faraday Cage protection and safely protects static sensitive items during shipping and transport. Corrugated mailers in both white and kraft and with many sizes to choose from which are perfect for any product and the box offers added protection and a nice professional look to your product. Corrugated mailers can be used for document protection and to box stationary or printed matter. Print shops and tool & die shops love to use corrugated mailers for the small jobs or parts that do not need a full size regular shipping box. Mailers are used for apparel or clothing items like hats, gloves, scarves, sheets or blankets, homemade crafts and small electronic devices. Corrugated mailers are easily labeled and can be taped closed and some of our mailers are the deluxe lock style that have a tuck in lip to secure the box closed. They are ideal for packaging artwork, photos, picture frames, and mirrors. We have jumbo mailers for very large products or they can be used as job tickets or to hold large projects in the office. Reverse tuck boxes are lightweight boxes made from chipboard that are available in white or kraft and also give your product a new level of protection and design.

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