Air Pillows

Air pillow packaging comes pre filled and provides instant void fill or cushioning solutions for a variety of packaging applications. No equipment necessary! These air pillow bags are shipped to you already inflated with air. No more blowing through straws to inflate your air cushions!

  • These air cushion pillows are perfect for void fill, cushioning, blocking and bracing applications. Perforations between each pillow allow you to tear off as few or as many air pillows as you need to fill a box.
  • Light weight saves on shipping costs. These pillows are brand new and prefilled with air, and they are ready to use. Shipped to you in a box to protect them.

When it comes to packaging needs, air pillows seem to be the ideal choice for void fill. They’re easy and cheap to use, excellent for product protection, and easily disposed of. Unlike bubble wrap, packing peanuts or paper fillers with air pillows you can place the pillows where you need them in a box. This is the lightest void fill material on the market. Many times lighter than kraft paper or packing peanuts without the mess, and they are reusable. In addition to stabilizing products, inflatable air pillows help to minimize freight charges and present a clean, professional-looking package.

Customers will appreciate an easy opening experience along with less mess and easy disposal. Packaging peanuts are messy and thanks to static electricity, they will stick to everything and tend to easily break apart into smaller pieces causing a huge mess to clean up and dispose of. Air pillows are easy to clean up and take up very little space when being disposed of. Inflatable air pillows can be reused and are 100% recyclable, making them a responsible choice. Air pillows are ideal for shipping any delicate and fragile items from electronics and medical devices to sporting equipment or automotive parts or any thing that needs good solid air cushioning

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Color:Clear Plastic with green lettering.
  • Minimum Order: 1 Bag

Air Pillows

Air Pillows

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