Shrink Bands Shrink Bands Seal your own bottled products with our easy to use shrink bands and make your products safer as it is very easy to recognize that the products have arrived un-tampered with when using these easy to apply shrink bands.
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Shrink Bands

Shrink Bands

Safety Seals, Security Seals or Bottle Seals, they all allow you to seal your own products with easy to use PVC Shrink Bands. PVC Shrink Bands, and PVC Shrink Bands with Printed Message.

  • Place band over item to be covered and use heat gun to shrink band. It's that easy! Create quick tamper-evident seals for bottles, jars, and pharmaceutical items.
  • Shrink band tamper security seals create a strong tamper proof protection seal. It is very easy to recognize that the products have arrived untampered with when using easy apply shrink bands.

Make your products safe and acceptable for retail distribution. Shrink bands are pieces of plastic casing that wrap around bottles and jars to prevent tampering. Their popularity grew in response to the product manipulating scare that Tylenol experienced in 1982, in which it is believed that someone in Chicago tampered with medicine bottles on store shelves. In an effort to warn and protect consumers, shrink bands were adopted. Our shrink bands are perforated for consumer-friendly opening and will not only help to keep products from being opened or opening and spilling, but will keep them air tight and fresh as well as secure. Shrink Bands can be easily applied by hand around the cap, neck, or cover of any container. Shrink bands are the cost-effective choice for securing caps, lids and closures with easily recognized tamper-evidence. A snug fit is achieved by applying heat with a heat gun, hair dryer or heat tunnel. The bands will shrink to fit in seconds. Shrink bands are ideal and cost-effective when tamper evident protection is needed for your products and these can be done in store, at home or in the office. Our seamless neck bands are available in clear, black or printed on clear PVC film. Product examples include: Oils and herbs, food products like peanut butter, various sauces and dressings, condiments, drum sticks, ball bats, prescription drugs, lip balm tubes, small boston round bottles, vials, roll on bottles, water bottles, home and garden, plant foods and many others. Larger bands can be used to bundle products together.

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